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CAMAKT 1080P WiFi Spy Camera – Smoke Detector Look


1080P WiFi spy camera camouflaged as a smoke detector. Features motion detection, night vision, and remote accessibility. Ensures round-the-clock surveillance.

Unveiling the CAMAKT WiFi Hidden Spy Camera, a fusion of sophistication and surveillance. Ingeniously designed to resemble a typical smoke detector when installed on the ceiling, its true purpose remains undetected to an unsuspecting eye. No one would guess that a powerful 1080P camera lies behind this façade.

With 6 upgraded glass lenses and a 1920 x 1080 pixel back-illuminated sensor, the camera promises unparalleled clarity. Your surveillance goes global as the camera can be remotely accessed via WiFi anytime, from anywhere.

Efficiency is at its peak with this camera. In the absence of movement, the camera saves storage by pausing the recording. As soon as it detects motion, it resumes, ensuring every critical moment is captured. Its storage is competent enough to support up to 64GB (SD card not included). The loop recording feature ensures continuous monitoring by overwriting the oldest footage when storage runs out.

One notable feature is its advanced night vision. The infrared LEDs embedded offer a clear view even in pitch darkness, ensuring 24/7 surveillance. These LEDs can be toggled on or off through the app, offering flexibility in monitoring.

Powered by high-quality lithium batteries, the CAMAKT spy camera assures longer lifespans, resistance to high temperatures, and consistent performance. The camera supports simultaneous charging and recording, with a battery life of 2-3 hours on a full charge. For extended use, it’s advised to keep it plugged in.

The installation process is a breeze – simply stick it onto your desired location. Ideal for warehouses, homes, offices, hotels, supermarkets, and more, this device guarantees real-time monitoring, providing concrete evidence in the event of disputes.

Essential pointers:
– Operates on 2.4G networks only, 5G isn’t supported.
– This device doesn’t function as a smoke detector.
– Recommended to use while charging for extended usage.
– User-friendly, but first-time users should refer to guidelines for ease of use.

– Brand: CAMAKT
– Model Name: CAMAKT WiFi Hidden
– Connectivity: Wireless
– Special Features: Night Vision, Motion Detection, Frame Rate
– Compatible Devices: Tablet, Smartphone
– Power Source: Battery Powered
– Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi
– Controller Type: Android
– Mounting Type: Wall Mount

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