Intrusion Security Systems

LEEEB Montreal Expert Intrusion Systems Installation Team

LEEEB “Les Entreprises Electriques EB” is the most trusted name in Montreal to install your intrusion, break-in burglar security system & to provides you maintenance services. LEEEB use the state-of-the-art to ensure the best security perimeter of your home, office or business like the safety of your doors, windows, skylight, garage, wall and other entry areas. The intrusion security system sound an alarm and contact the authorities in case of intrusion in your private place. From factories, offices, home, bank LEEEB Expert Installation Team will use the latest and most advanced technology to install your security intrusion burglar system. A security system can detect intruders & even prevent intrusion like burglary or beak-in. LEEEB provides intrusion systems installation service in Montreal and up to 300km around.

LEEEB Specialized Team install these components to protect your Home, Office or Business:

Security Intrusion System Control panel
Security Keypads
Security Door contacts
Security Windows contact
Surveillance Cameras
Security Motion detectors
Security Hold up buttons
Secuirty Loud Alarm Sirens
Security Outside strobes
Communications backup system
Security Electric locks


LEEEB Montreal All Security Solutions keep your family or employees safe at home or business while protecting you from theft, break-in & other unwanted situations. The intrusion system will Immediately contact authorities in case of emergency.


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