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Lorex Nocturnal 3 4K 16-Channel 8 Cam System – Wired with Listen-in Audio


4K 16-Channel Lorex Nocturnal 3 Wired NVR System with 8 Smart IP Dome Cameras. Includes Listen-in Audio and Smart Detection.

Introducing the Lorex Nocturnal 3 4K 16-Channel 8 Camera System – a revolution in home and office security. This state-of-the-art wired NVR system, complete with Smart IP Dome Cameras, offers superior 4K resolution ensuring impeccable clarity and unmatched details. With a built-in 4TB surveillance-grade hard drive, the NVR ensures you have ample storage to keep all your footage secure.

The package boasts 8 Lorex LNE9242B 4K 8MP Dome Cameras, each embedded with a microphone for listen-in audio, enhancing not just visual but also auditory surveillance. These cameras guarantee comprehensive coverage with a wide field of view, so every corner of your premises remains under watchful eyes.

One of the standout features of this system is its Smart Person and Vehicle Detection. It intelligently differentiates between objects, humans, and vehicles, sending you alerts only when it matters the most. Say goodbye to false alarms triggered by rustling trees or distant moving objects.

Ease of access is at the heart of this product. With the Lorex Cloud App, you can view live footage, replay stored clips, and manage camera settings right from your smartphone. Whether you’re at home, at work, or halfway around the world, your property’s security remains within your grasp.

Lorex’s Nocturnal audio security cameras add another dimension to your surveillance. They don’t just capture crimes, they prevent them. The audio feature acts as a deterrent, letting potential intruders know they’re being watched and listened to. A black-colored exterior gives these cameras a sleek look, making them an unobtrusive yet stylish addition to any space.

Built to last, the cameras’ robust construction ensures durability across seasons. Rain or shine, these cameras are designed to perform. The Analog signal format further ensures consistent video quality without interruptions.

Upgrade your security system with the Lorex Nocturnal 3 and enjoy peace of mind like never before.

– Size: 8 cam
– Color: Black
– Brand: Lorex
– Connectivity: Wired
– Video resolution: 4K
– Special features: Night Vision, Vehicle Detection

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