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From surveillance camera systems, CCTV video monitoring, and access control, to fire alarm systems, LEEEB offers 24/7 home and business surveillance installation. As a proudly incorporated company in Montreal, Quebec, our certified and licensed team specializes in tailoring security solutions that prioritize your safety throughout the year.

Custom Security Packages

Each home and business has unique security needs. Whether you’re buying your first home or managing a business in Montreal and its neighboring regions, our experienced team will design a package that matches your requirements and budget.

Smart Home Seamless Integration

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Always Watching, Always Secure

Decades of Dedication to Safety

With over 10 years in the industry, LEEEB has solidified its reputation as a top-tier security provider. Our multifaceted team specializes in various security niches, ensuring that you receive well-rounded solutions, from alarm systems and video doorbell cams to smart home integrations.

Importance of Robust Security System
  • Proactive Protection: The best defense is a proactive one. Before threats arise, ensure your premises are guarded.
  • Evidence Collection: CCTV Systems capture crucial footage, assisting authorities in case of incidents.
  • Insurance Benefits: Many insurance companies offer discounts to properties with professionally installed security systems.
  • Deter Potential Threats: Visible security systems often discourage potential intruders.
  • Peace of Mind: With LEEEB, know that both the interiors and exteriors of your property are under vigilant surveillan
Direct Interaction via Home Security System
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Depaneur Robbery Caught on Camera
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Choose from our range of security systems, cameras, access control devices, and more. Purchase with confidence, and our certified installation team will ensure a seamless setup for your chosen products.

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