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Lorex NC4K8-3216BB 32 Channel 4K Security System – 16 Bullet Cameras with 8TB Fusion NVR


Lorex NC4K8-3216BB: Comprehensive 32 Channel 4K Security System with 16 Bullet Cameras, 8TB Fusion NVR. Crystal Clear Night Vision & Expansive Coverage.

The Lorex NC4K8-3216BB 32 Channel 4K Security Camera System is a pinnacle of modern surveillance solutions. It combines a 32-channel interface with 16 high-definition bullet cameras, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every nook and corner of your premises. Central to this system is the 8TB Fusion NVR, designed to store colossal amounts of footage without compromising quality. Each of the 16 E841CAB 8MP Bullet Cameras delivers visuals in sharp 4K resolution. Their wide 105° field of view ensures broad area coverage, eliminating the need for multiple cameras in one spot. Even during nighttime, maintain an unwavering watch over your property with up to 130ft IR night vision, ensuring clarity even in pitch-black conditions. The additional Color Night Vision, requiring ambient lighting, further refines this clarity. The package embraces flexibility, letting you pair the system with two additional Lorex Fusion compatible devices, amplifying surveillance capabilities. Its Smart Search function stands out, allowing users to sieve through countless hours of footage for specific motion events – be it people or vehicles, making surveillance review an efficient task. This entire system safeguards your data with a 2TB local, security-grade hard drive, ensuring only authorized access to your crucial surveillance footage. Choose Lorex NC4K8-3216BB for an uncompromised, extensive, and efficient security solution.

– Brand: Lorex
– Connectivity: Wireless, Wired
– Resolution: 4K
– Channels: 32
– Storage: 2TB
– Power Source: Corded Electric

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