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Lorex Fusion 4K Security System – 16 Channel with 3 Metal Bullet Cameras


Lorex Fusion 4K Security System: 16-Channel, 3 Metal Bullet Cameras, 2TB IP NVR. Boasts 4K Ultra HD, Weather Resistance, Smart Integration, and Color Night Vision.

The Lorex Fusion 4K Security Camera System is the embodiment of cutting-edge surveillance. Engineered for excellence, this 16-channel system incorporates three solid metal bullet cameras, delivering an unmatched indoor and outdoor monitoring experience. Backed by a formidable 2TB IP NVR, your security recordings remain continuous and lag-free.

At the very heart of each camera lies an 8MP image sensor. This ensures more than 8 million pixels are at work, resulting in extraordinarily sharp 4K videos. The videos not only exhibit realistic colors but also come with unparalleled digital zoom capabilities. Whether it’s broad daylight or pitch dark, the camera doesn’t compromise on clarity. With its groundbreaking Color Night Vision (CNV) technology, the camera produces our clearest, full-color nighttime videos to date.

But the brilliance of this system doesn’t stop here. It’s designed to withstand the unpredictable whims of Mother Nature. Boasting an IP67 rating, these cameras can stand resilient against heavy rainfalls and extreme snowfalls. So, whether it’s scorching heat or chilling cold, this camera promises uncompromised performance.

The integration capabilities of this system with smart home devices set it apart. Voice-activated camera functionalities are at your disposal through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. If you prefer viewing footage on a larger screen, simply use Chromecast or Firestick. And for those who enjoy a more personalized viewing experience, the Lorex Home app on Apple TV can provide live video streams, either singularly or in multiple feeds.

A cherry on top? Enjoy all these top-tier features without the burden of monthly fees. Thanks to the local storage and an in-built 2TB hard drive, your recordings are not only ample but also remain exclusively private.

– Brand: Lorex
– Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (8MP)
– Storage: 2TB IP NVR
– Camera Type: Metal Bullet
– Features: Weather Resistance, Smart Integrations, Color Night Vision
– Color: Black
– Style: 3 Bullet Cam

Number of Cameras: 3 Metal Bullet Cameras.

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