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Lorex Fusion 6-Camera 2K Metal Security System with 1TB NVR


Lorex Fusion: 6 Wi-Fi Battery 2K Metal Cameras with 1TB NVR – Advanced detection, active deterrence, and 1080p capture resolution for comprehensive indoor & outdoor surveillance.

Discover the pinnacle of home surveillance with the Lorex Fusion Security Camera System. Featuring a robust ensemble of six 2K metal cameras powered by batteries, this 8-channel system ensures impeccable video clarity combined with the convenience of wire-free installation.

With an impressive resolution that’s twice that of 1080p, every footage offers acute details, enabling you to discern every activity with precision. The system’s person detection capability ensures timely alerts on your smartphone the moment someone steps onto your property, giving you peace of mind and instant oversight.

Unwanted intruders? The system’s active deterrence feature, encompassing a motion-activated LED warning light, a remotely-triggered siren, and two-way talk functionality, assures enhanced security and dissuasion. What’s more, relish the advantage of enhanced privacy, with the benefit of local storage, negating any hidden monthly fees. Coupled with the seamless setup process without the hassles of tangled wires, this Lorex Fusion system is a synthesis of convenience and advanced technology.


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