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Lorex Home Hub 32GB – 2K QHD Wire-Free Cameras (Pack of 5) | Indoor/Outdoor Security System


Lorex Home Hub 32GB offers 5 wire-free 2K QHD cameras for enhanced security. Features like Color Night Vision, two-way talk, and smart deterrence make it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Lorex Home Hub 32GB with 2K QHD Wire-Free Cameras is a comprehensive solution for those seeking a blend of performance and convenience in their security measures. With a pack of 5 state-of-the-art 2K cameras, every detail is captured with unmatched clarity. Each camera delivers vivid visuals, ensuring you never miss a moment, be it day or night, thanks to the Color Night Vision technology.

Battery operated and entirely wire-free, these cameras break the shackles of traditional security systems, allowing a flexible setup. Be it at the entrance of your home or in your backyard, installation is a breeze. These cameras also come with a built-in mic and speaker system, facilitating two-way communication. Whether it’s to deter a potential intruder or to have a chat with a visitor, the feature proves to be incredibly useful.

But there’s more! Each camera has been equipped with a motion-triggered LED light and a remotely triggered alarm. This smart deterrence feature is vital in preventing potential security breaches. Moreover, the Lorex Home Hub offers a storage capacity of 32GB, ensuring your security footage is safely stored. Designed with both indoor and outdoor usability in mind, the cameras sport a robust build that can withstand various environmental conditions.

Trust Lorex, the renowned brand in security solutions, to provide you with a system that combines innovation, flexibility, and performance.

– Brand: Lorex
– Connectivity: Wireless
– Resolution: 2K
– Special Features: Night Vision
– Storage: 32GB
– Color: White
– Power: Battery-Powered
– Dimensions: 24cm x 32cm x 19cm
– Signal: Digital

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