System-EC-4 Emergency Caller

No monitoring fees or monthly service charges – 2 Way Voice Communication Once Connected With Family
Operates on a regular telephone line or your cellphone*, Connects with Google Voice for a free text message to be sent to family and friends vs a voice message.
Calls and sends up to 4 different pre-recorded messages to up to 8 different telephones or cellphones*.
Telephone connection plugs directly into the phone line jack
Range up to 150 feet & Open range / line of site coverage up to 1000 feet with new 433 MHz.



System-EC-4 Emergency Caller Wireless Dialer Professional Grade Medical Alert System with Single Button Pendant

Medical alert systems can help keep you or your loved ones safe and protected in an emergency situation. In some cases, they can literally become the difference between life and death. While it may seem like a small purchase, buying a medical alert system can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know the right questions to ask or the right things to look for in a medical alert system. Our System has No Monthly Monitoring Fees. You are in Control of Who Receives the Emergency Call or Text Message and Their Related Response. Record your emergency message in any language. If the phone number called by Emergency Caller is answered by your family or friend, you can speak with your family or friend to communicate your condition and emergency in person. You must be within a reasonable distance of Emergency Caller base unit to use this valuable feature. Text message capable through Google Voice for reliable and fast delivery of your emergency text message Alert Family, Neighbors, Relatives or Friends with your prerecorded voice or text message that is delivered to up to 8 telephone or cell phone numbers.You record the Emergency Caller message in any language and program the numbers to call. Who better to contact in an emergency than family, friends, neighbors or relatives to insure that the correct emergency agency is notified. * Requires a cell phone adapter which adapts yours cell phone to your emergency caller to operates with your cell phone or regular phone line. Model CPA-4 Input Or Activation products:: Wireless Pendants include Single and 4 Button units, Watch units, Panic Buttons and Many USP Wireless Transmitter products. Output : Regular Telephone Line ( POTS), Cable Phone ( VOIP), Cellular ( CIU-1 Unit.

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